Sunday, December 20, 2015

Things That Matter Most

Been pondering this thought tonight. I'm gonna let simmer for a few days and write more about it then. (Source)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Strengthening Our Faith

I've decided to try to revive this blog :) I'd like to try to take time each Sunday to share some thoughts on things I've been thinking about. Today in Sacrament meeting the speaker was talking about faith. She compared strengthening our faith to her experience of having recently joined the gym. If she just walks on the treadmill each day instead of challenging herself with weights or harder workouts, her progress will be slow. She won't reach the goals she set and she won't grow stronger. She related this to our faith. If we just go through the motions of prayer and scripture study without studying and searching, our faith will be weak. She quoted Elder Anderson here where he said "Our faith will not grow by chance, but by choice." I was moved by her talk because I can see a need for strong, immoveable faith in today's world. Faith in our Prophet, faith in each other, faith in the Lord. I need to be constantly feeding that fire of faith so it will burn through times of trial as well as ease. This is something I really want to work on. To push myself to strengthen my spirit! Hopefully this blog will help :) Source

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